"Dance connected me to others, Yoga connected me to myself" 



“I started dancing at the age of 11 after I watched my friend in her dance class.  From that first moment, I was hooked!  I loved the way the bodies moved to the music, the costumes, the strictness of it, the freedom of it. The emotion I felt as I watched was indescribable.  All I knew is that I had to do it! So I took all my graduation money and with a friend, headed to Chicago to study at Gus Giordano's Jazz Dance.  It was there that my eyes opened wide and could see that dance was going to be my life.  After my studies, I moved to Minneapolis and began auditioning. Dancing for the Minnesota Timberwolves is where I learned valuable leadership skills as co-captain and choreographer. Then there was dancing with Prince, oh my, this was certainly a highlight! I performed at many of his shows locally and was a principle dancer with him on Soul Train.  These shows taught me about pushing out of my comfort zone for sure, but the best thing I learned was to always say "YES" first to everything!



The next step in my movement journey was competitive Ballroom and Latin dance.  Rhinestones, spray tans, fake lashes and high heels were all that I saw for the next several years. I didn't realize how much I craved partnership, connection (literally) and competition. It was through competition dance that I grew into myself as a dancer.  I learned about grace, communication, trust, sensuality and most of all that a healthy sense of competition drove me to be my best.  I have traveled all over the world competing and performing but becoming a U.S. Latin Dance Champion was certainly a high for me! During this time I also co-founded 2 dance companies. The Company of Choice (San Diego) and Contact Entertainment (San Jose). Stepping behind the scenes as a choreographer and producer certainly challenged me but it was also some of the most fun I've had collaborating and creating with friends.  I feel so grateful and lucky to have been able to experience dance on so many different levels.   

My Happy


Yoga in the beginning was just for myself, a way for me to transition out of the rigors of competitive dance and into feeling my body in a different more compassionate way. Yoga also helped me through a breakup, I would literally find myself driving to the yoga studio everyday without even thinking about it and feeling so much better when I left.  I've been practicing on and off over the past 15 years, but when I committed to a regular practice 8 years ago, my body and life opened up!  I was challenged again in movement and I discovered how becoming quiet, still and diving deeper within unlocked a whole other part of myself.  I was inspired so much that I decided to participate in the Yoga Teacher Training program at Yoga Six, the single best thing I ever did for myself!  My life was truly transformed.  I always loved teaching but through this training, I realized what it was that I was really doing...helping others to feel their bodies, connect to their true selves and facilitate wellbeing....wow, I love my job!! 

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