I believe anyone can learn to dance. Find the right teacher, define your goal, put in the time and practice!

I have more then 20 years experience in all aspects of dance and

performance and I know I can get you to your goal!  




Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015

Dancing with these lovely ladies at a high school in Villa Allende, Argentina December 2015

"Tsha is an amazing teacher because she understands how to work with each student individually to build their confidence, knowledge and skill.  She is high energy, warm and makes you feel like a dancer – followed by intense instruction and exercises to make it so. At any given time you never really know how little you know about dancing until she takes you to that next level. It has been an exciting and motivating learning experience for me, but most importantly it has been a blast! Tsha has this incredible gift for explaining concepts and technique, while remaining positive and encouraging. Thank you so much for your continued support and all the fun!"

Brian Will amatuer dancer/San Diego