ConfiDANCE fitness

promotes a healthy mind and body through dance exercise.  Dancing, no matter the form, FEELS GOOD!  When we feel good, we feel confident in all areas of life.  My classes combine the forms of movement that inspire me...Latin, Hip Hop, Jazz & yoga.  You'll have tons of fun, burn crazy calories, meet great people & most of all you'll leave feeling great inside and out!    

My fitness philosophy


“I believe being fit & healthy is your responsibility and something you commit to until the end of  your life!

Your body is meant to be an efficient machine and MOVE! Treat your body well and it will carry you through life beautifully.  Choose an exercise form that challenges you, that’s fun, keeps you inspired and motivated to finish!  Make no excuses, focus on your goal, put in the time and the SWEAT.... and the sweet rewards will be all yours!"   


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